lunedì 20 aprile 2015

Tools Part 2

As I've mentioned in the previous post, I often find myself using just a bunch of the tools I've bought/made.
I've posted three different sculptures made using almost exclusively two tools with the intention to show you that you won't need (at least at this level) a lot of tools to get the job done.
Let's start with the first maquette, depicting my version of a yeti

Yeti maquette wipYeti maquette

For this maquette I've used only my hands, the zippo lighter fluid (thinned down), the torch and this two tools

homemade sculpting tools

and I've used them to detail the following sculptures

dragon head attempt
First attempt to recreate Spiderzero Dragon Head 

cthulhu bust

The first one is copied from Spiderzero's dragon head , the pose on the second one is inspired by one of the Cthulhu version (again) by Spiderzero.

You can see I use this two tools almost for anything, from refining the shapes to detailing, and they were just two paperclips. So before buying more expensive tools I really advise you to buy a block of plasticine and try and make your own tools and buy the ones you aren't able to reproduce.

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