Plasticine Video tutorial

I'm going to post a series of video that, if not properly tutorial, are really useful to give you an insight into different sculpting techniques.
Different types of clay require different techniques (and sometimes tools) so I'm going to differentiate by clay type

Plasticine (like Chavant NSP, LeBeaut Touche and others)

How to texturize human skin and what tools to use for the best effects, by Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni:

Reptile skin, textures, tools and painting, again by Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni:

Cesar Dacol Jr., taken from his monster month series of videos, I think the best (and probably one of the biggest) sculpture from that series:

Quick clay sketch in Chavant by David Lemon (I choose this one because is a one-off, but there are a lot of really cool splitted videos on his youtube profile so check them out):

Quick short video on textures by Boularis (in Chavant Nsp Medium I think):

Simon Lee quick sketch sculpture (Chavant Nsp Medium):

Cyril Roquelaine demon bust:

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